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Lance Steinberg M.D. 

Psychiatry Adolescent Medicine/ Pediatrics

Assistant Clinical Professor at UCLA-NPI

Teaching/Supervision of Cognitive Therapy, Self-Hypnosis, Advanced Psychopharmacology

Practice Limited to : 


-Medical-Psychiatric Consultation





Meet  Lance Steinberg, M.D.

 Lance Steinberg, M.D. is an Assistant Clinical Professor at UCLA's Neuropsychiatric Institute (NPI). He teaches advanced psychopharmacology, cognitive behavioral therapy, and hypnosis to child, adolescent, and adult psychiatrists.  Lance Steinberg, M.D. graduated from Dartmouth Medical School and was designated one of the top 10 medical students in the U.S. in psychiatry by the AMA. He completed a full pediatric residency at UCLA and Children's Hospital of Los Angeles, then a fellowship in medicine with an emphasis on medical-psychiatric interface at Stanford University Hospital and Clinics.


 Lance Steinberg, M.D. is also affiliated with Cedars-Sinai Medical Center where he finished complete psychiatry training.  Lance Steinberg, M.D. specialties include ADHD and coexisting issues, as well as OCD, Tics, Tourette's, mood and anxiety disorders, Asperger's, and Autism.  Lance Steinberg, M.D. has offices in Calabasas, Encino, and Valencia.

Lance Steinberg, M.D.
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