Jeremy Revell, M.D.



Introducing: Dr. Jeremy Revell, a top clinician, academician, and psychiatric research pioneer has joined the psychiatric practice of Lance Steinberg, M.D., Assistant Clinical Professor, UCLA (Geffen)NPI.

Jeremy Revell graduated magna cum laude in undergraduate studies, and later received his doctor of medicine from the University of Arizona. Dr. Andrew Weil helped guide his interests in integrative and holistic medicine, psychiatry, cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness.

Cedar-Sinai Medical Center (UCLA) bestowed upon Dr. Revell the “Saul Brown Award for Outstanding Resident in Psychiatry”, as well as the “Jud Marmer Award for Outstanding Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist in the Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Fellowship”.


Dr. Revell has many years of experience in the field of substance abuse, addiction, and detoxification, which includes some of the latest evidence-based holistic and medication interventions.

Dr. Jeremy Revell has extensive expertise in posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as well as traumatic brain injury (TBI). He has performed extensive neuropsychiatric evaluations and has available an entire array of treatments including ketamine treatments for PTSD.


Sports psychiatry, wellness medicine, and anti-aging medicine have been a passion for Dr. Revell since playing for the United States National Rugby Team.

Dr. Revell has also worked with hormone replacement and selective androgen receptor modulators (SWARMs) for various conditions including gender identification.

He has treated individuals with both acute and chronic difficulties as a medical director for child, adolescent, and geriatric inpatient programs. Dr. Revell works with all age groups and carries special expertise in the area of geriatric pre-dementia difficulties.

Neurocognitive disorders, developmental disabilities, autism, ADHD, have always been areas of great interest. Dr. Revell presented he is research on “Dysmorphologies” to the American Psychiatric Association.0

Research, publications, and CV are available upon request.

Please note:

Dr. Jeremy Revell is fluent in American Sign Language.

Dr. Jeremy Revell is available in person as well as virtually (phone and Facetime)

He has office hours to fit your needs, including afternoon, evening, and Saturday hours!

Summary of Experience:


LIFE Integrative medicine, Wilmington, NC 2019


Outpatient care practice and owner


Integrative treatment of global physical and mental health issues Use of knowledge of component global medicine including western and traditional medicine and global medicine with clinical evidence to provide unique but studied practice for preventative and symptomatic treatment for well-being and disease states . Coverage included emerging treatments such as NAD+ for detox and anti-aging and wellness. Ketamine for treatment resistant depression and PTSD Hormone replacement, SARMS for various conditions including gender identification. working with a full gambit of clients from latency to geriatric.


QTC Company, Jacksonville, NC 2015-CT Provision of comprehensive medical and psychiatric evaluations to active and retired United States veterans. Providing our service men and women, active or retired comprehensive neuropsychiatric evaluations. Extensive evaluations in a multitude of conditions such as PTSD, and traumatic brain injury.


Strategic Behavioral Health Center, Leland, NC/Garner, NC Medical Director and Clinical Director for Residential Treatment, Psychiatrist 2010- 2019 Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Consultation and Treatment. Treatment of chronic behavioral problems with co-occurring mental illness. Oversight of residential program, implementing treatment plans, working with care providers in the treatment setting. Implementing the biopsychosocial treatment format in a supportive and therapeutic environment for up to 72 guests. Residential and Medical director for Child and Adolescent units as well as Geriaric unit. 


Porters Neck Family Therapy and Neurosciences, Wilmington, NC 2011-2019 Providing Outpatient care to a wide range of patients from latency to geriatric.


Brynn Marr Hospital, Jacksonville, NC Medical Director for Residential Treatment, Psychiatrist 2008 – 2016 Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Consultation and Treatment. Treatment of chronic behavioral problems with co-occurring mental illness. Oversight of residential program, implementing treatment plans, working with care providers in the

treatment setting. Significantly decreased the number of seclusion and restraints on the residential units, from approximately 80 monthly, to an average of 2 monthly. Increased patient satisfaction on exit ratings from less than 10% to over 85%.


California Clinical Trials Medical Group, Culver City/Glendale/Paramount/San Diego, CA Research Physician, Psychiatry 2005 – 2008 Acts as Principal Investigator or Sub- Investigator on clinical trials which involve training study team members on study design/procedures, medical oversight on appropriate selection of study participants, assuring adequate safeguards for study participants, strict adherence to the study protocol, and that GCP’s are followed.


Provides medical and clinical research support for all aspects of Early Drug Development (EDD) and Phase II- IV Department clinical studies including outpatient medical screening and evaluation of subjects for studies, and conducting hospital rounds for inpatient studies. Performs medical and clinical research duties within a multidisciplinary environment. Attends investigator Start-Up and Site Initiation meetings before study enrollment. Reviews potential study participant’s medical and/or psychiatric history and performs physical examination.


Diagnoses and /or excludes medical/psychiatric conditions for purposes of study participation. Determines appropriate titration and tapering schedules for studies that require such procedures. Reviews pertinent medical records requested for study participants.


Reviews all laboratory reports including screening reports and reports obtained per study protocol. Determines the clinical significance of abnormal test results and further appropriate evaluation. Consults with potential study participants personal physicians concerning their participation in clinical trials and clarifies medical issues before study participant randomization.


Assesses adverse events and reviews concomitant medications at each study visit, at unscheduled study visits, and as needed based upon study participant telephone contacts. Determines the clinical significance of adverse events including abnormal lab results, ECG’S and assesses their relationship to the study medication.


Performs and reviews Clinical Global Impression and other rating scales as required. Makes clinical determination of study participants ability to continue in a trial based upon study participants wishes, adverse events, lab test, ECG results, concomitant medications, and efficacy of study medication.


Consults with CRO and/or sponsor contacts concerning study participant safety issues, Inclusion/Exclusion criteria for study participants, serious adverse events, and other participant issues.


Cooperates fully with maintaining medical staff appointments at hospitals as needed. Maintains and updates knowledge of Clinical Operating Guidelines and their proper application. Participates in quality assurance and staff training programs. All other duties as assigned.


Aviva Family and Children’s Services,

Los Angeles, CA Psychiatrist 2003 – 2006

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Consultation and Treatment


Inglewood Mental Health Center, Los Angeles, CA

Psychiatrist 2002-2003

Adult General Psychiatry, Evaluation and Treatment


California State Prison, Los Angeles, CA

Psychiatrist 2000-2003

Adult Forensic Psychiatry, Evaluation and Treatment


Johnson Research Center Mayo Clinic, Scottsdale, AZ

Neurophysiology Research Assistant 1995-1996

Chicanos Por La Causa, Phoenix, AZ

Youth Mentor Program Director 1994-1996

Provided supervision and direct care to at risk inner-city adolescents





English: Fluent

Sign Language:Fluent (hearing child of deaf adults)


MEMBERSHIPS American Psychiatric Association



Jud Marmer, Outstanding Child and Adolescent Fellow Award

Saul Brown Award for the Most Outstanding Resident

Multiple primary investigator research study publications

Presented “Dysmorphologies” lecture at the APA

Former player on the United States National Rugby team


Cedars Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA

Fellowship in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry 2003-2005

Cedars Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA Residency- Psychiatry 2001-2003

Cedars Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA Internship- Psychiatry 2001

University of Arizona College of Medicine, Tucson, AZ

Medical Doctor, MD 2000

University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ

Business and Public Administration, BA 1994